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Pacesetters International Gospel Ministries is saddled with the sole responsibility of establishing the kingdom of God in the hearts of mankind by stirring up the God given potentials embedded in people of all race and nations  through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ also known as the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to illuminate and enlighten the world from all forms of darkness and to cause a revolution spiritually, physically and socially thereby enabling people everywhere to partake of their inheritances in Christ through the God kind of faith. This mandate includes the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of God with proofs of miracles, signs and wonders that produces dramatic changes and improvement in the quality of life for people of all race and ethnicity. 

I want to personally welcome you to our official website. You will find useful information here about the work and assignment the Lord has committed into our hands. More than that, materials that will richly bless your life and strengthen your walk of faith with the Lord  have also been included to make your visit an exciting and rewarding experience.

Journey with us. The Lord shall do you good.

*Pastor Abraham Idoko

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