Pacesetters Int'l Gospel Ministries

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Active Youth Church

Pacesetters Active Youth Ministry is an arm of the Church formulated to release the eagles in the destinies of our young men and women into their supernatural accomplishments in life. This vision is targeted at tapping into and refining the embedded potentials of individual youth in the house and turning them into champions in their respective field of endeavours.

The HolySpirit is actively raising future leaders in Pacesetters International Gospel Church covering sensitive areas such as spiritual matters, life issues, finance, relationship, marriage etc.

Below are some of our carved out programs as set 

- Active Youth Bible Study

- Monthly Hour of Visitation

                                                                                    - Annual Valentine Day Dinner

                                                                                    - Singles Seminars

                                                                                    - Annual Drama Day

                                                                                    - Pacesetters Annual Youth Conference, etc