Pacesetters Int'l Gospel Ministries

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Saddled with the principal responsibility of bringing total and supernatural transformation to mankind by igniting the light

of God in people of all race and nations under heaven through the preaching and teaching of the word of God (The gospel of Jesus Christ).

Our mission includes setting the total man free by equipping and arming the people through the knowledge of the word of God so as to create the platform to fully participate in God's divine nature and to exercise their full potentials in Christ. In order to achieve these objectives, the following articles of faith have become the corner stones upon which our commission rides on.

- Salvation: We believe that salvation can only be realised by true repentance and regeneration of the human spirit. 

This is possible by believing and accepting the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Jn3:3-8,16-20, Acts3:37-39

- Baptism by immersion: We believe in the doctrine of baptism by immersion. We believe that every Child of God who is born again should

be given the opportunity to identified with the death, burial and resurrection with Christ and the symbolic representation of this is 'water baptism'. Matt.28:18-20, Acts3:37-39, Acts8:12

- Baptism in the HolySpirit: We believe that every believer in Jesus Christ is entitled to be baptised in the HolySpirit with the evidence 

of speaking in tongues. Lk24:49, Acts2:2-4, Joel2:28-30

- The Person, gifts and operation of the HolySpirit: We believe in the doctrine of the third personality of the Godhead - The HolySpirit, 

his personality, gifts and operations as it concern us today. Jn14:16-17, Jn14:26, 16:7-13, Mal.3:1-4

- Sanctification: We believe in the doctrine of sanctification. 'Sanctify them by your truth, your word is truth'. Jn17:17-18, 1Thess4:3-8

Evangelism: We believe in the doctrine of evangelising the world through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Matt28:18-20, Matt24:14

- The realm of the spirit (The supernatural): We believe in the doctrine that teaches the dominion of the saints and their privileged authority over all powers of darkness. Jn3:3-8, Eph.1:19-23, 2;4-6, Rom13:1-2, 2Cor.4:18

- The word of God (God's wisdom bank): We believe in the efficacy of the wisdom of God and its practical applications to life's bugging issues

thereby ensuring a daily lifestyle of victory. Rom11:33, 1Cor.2:6-8, Mk6:1-2

- Prayer and intercession: We believe in the doctrine of prayer and intercession. 1Tm2:1-4, Matt.26:38-46.

- Vision, Purpose and Revelation: We believe that every child of God is predestinated to walk and operate in God's divine plan here on earth 

which we defined as 'vision'. Hab.2:1-4, Prov.29:18

- Scriptural Prosperity and success in life: We believe God's will for all believers in Christ is to prosper in all areas of life and to heap 

godly success upon success in all their undertaken. 3Jn2, Josh1:5-9, Ps1:1-3

-Healing and Deliverance: We accept and teach the doctrine that allows every child of God to use their faith in the word of God to receive

healing from all sicknesses and diseases as well as deliverances from all attacks of Satan. Ps107:20, James5:13-16