Pacesetters Int'l Gospel Ministries

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Children Church

The Children Church at Pacesetters International Gospel Church is formulated to raise kingdom stars with the sole objective of turning them into pacesetters in a crooked and perverse world.

The HolySpirit is doing wonderful things amongst our teenagers by schooling them into exploits in all facet of life. Daniel1:17-20. On this account, we admonish all parents to release their children to be part of our children church where their lives are being moulded and set apart for a glorious destiny in Christ. 

We have seasoned and anointed children ministers who are consistent with the vision of the church and the doctrine of the word of God and could teach and speak in the language that children could understand and relate to easily.

                                                                                    Inclusive in our vision to enhancing the destinies of our children, the church has the following 

                                                                                    wonderfully packaged programs for Children of Pacesetters International Gospel Church. 

                                                                                    - Teens Bible Study

                                                                                    - Academic/Social Programmes

                                                                                    - Monthly Birthday Celebration/Impartation

                                                                                    - Specialised Annual Impartation for Academic Excellence

                                                                                    - Pacesetters Monthly Programmes for Children